It's cake to find things around here.


P.J. Murphy's - your bakery solution.

As a restaurant owner you want to provide memorable meals for your guests. A large part of that impression will be the bread, rolls and pastry you serve them during their stay. We have solutions that make your service easier and your guests' stay more pleasant.

By having P.J. Murphy's do the baking, you free up your kitchen staff to do their primary jobs, and you are relieved pf the stress that comes from having a major part of your menu take hours to prepare each day.

You also gain image and show points with our baked goods, because we pride ourselves on the appearance of our products. From basic dinner rolls to fancy eclairs, tarts, and cakes, we bake a daily variety that you simply don't have the space or time to get to each business day.

So, make your life simpler, your guests experience memorable and your Chef's happier.

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so that we can help make your operation run as smoothly as a greased cake pan.