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P.J. Murphy's - fun food with a great taste and wholesome ingredients!

When people think of the word "bakery," they often conjure up a memory of the neighborhood bakery of their childhood. Wonderful smells, beautiful cases full of tempting treats, and staff who love to make your wishes come true.

Well, that's our vision of a bakery, and our reality. We have a neighborhood bakery, and we're blessed to have good neighbors as well. We go back over 80 years in this business, and we hope to go forward another 80 years (at least!) Part of what makes us unique is that we are a full-service bakery; retail, wedding cakes, and restaurant supply.

But the fun part is the storefront. That's where we get to meet our customers on a daily basis. We look forward to your visit each day. Not because of the trade, but because many of you are our friends after all these years.

We have almost anything you could want from cookies to cakes, with a whole lot in between. The selection varies each day, but it's always good to eat. If there's something special you desire, or a large quantity, we suggest you call ahead to make sure we can meet your needs.

The internet is not yet ready to provide tastes and smells, but we do have some images of our goods for you to look at towards the bottom of the page. If you'd like to see our breakfast menu (The items we have on hand every day, provided you get there ahead of the rest!) just click on the tab that interests you.

  • Raised Donuts
  • Danish
  • Kolachys (Pockets)
  • Cake Donuts
  • Donut Holes
  • French Donuts
  • Assorted Breakfast Items
  • Croissants
  • Scones
  • Bagels
  • Assorted items  
  • Breads

We have some special values at just $.80:

raised sugar rings
glazed rings
chocolate raised rings

Moving up to some of our favorites, the price is $.90:

pretzels – glazed
pretzels – chocolate
glazed twists
cinnamon sugar twists
coconut crunch sub
plain chocolate sub
white frosted sub
sprinkle long johns

The following items are just a tad more at $1.00:

German fried cinnamon   
maple fried cinnamon
custard chocolate sub
custard honeymooners
lemon honeymooners
cherry honeymooners
sugar raspberry bizmark
white frosted raspberry bizmark
chocolate custard bizmark
powdered sugar bizmark
rose buds
orange blossoms
apple fritters

All items are $1.00

figure eights

All items are $1.00

Assorted fruit flavors (apple, cherry, apricot, lemon, raspberry)

All items (except as noted) are $.75

coconut crunch
devil’s food – choc iced
devil’s food – glazed
chocolate coconut

Cake Donut Holes     .25
powdered sugar

Raised Donut Holes    .35

All items are $.90


All of these items are phenomenal, and make your breakfast a special event every day!

$.75 Muffins - Mini
$1.00 Muffins - Medium
$2.00 Muffins - Large
$2.50 caramel pecan rolls
$2.25 cinnamon rolls
$2.25 cheese crowns
$2.25 fruit crowns (apple, cherry, apricot, lemon, raspberry)
$2.25 apple flips
$2.25 apple turnovers
$2.25 cherry turnovers

filled croissants   $2.00
(almond, strawberry cheese, blueberry cheese, cream cheese)

plain croissants     $1.75

All Scones are 2.00

(apple cinnamon, cranberry nut, blueberry, raspberry/white chocolate chip, apricot/white chocolate chip)

plain     $.70

flavored & topped $80
(blueberry, cinnamon raisin, garlic herb, honey cracked wheat, onion, sesame seed, poppy seed)


crispies     $2.00
coffee cakes     $6.00
(apple, cherry, apricot, lemon, raspberry)
caramel pecan coffee cake    $7.50

Please note:


Other bakery items such as bread, special bars, cookies and various items are sometimes seasonal and availability and prices vary. However, we're darned sure there's something to please your palate at a reasonable price.

We offer a wide variety of breads at P.J. Murphy's. Everthing from a great white bread to specialty fruit breads, and a whole lot in between. Our bakers change the selections almost every day, and that makes it hard to predict what we'll have at any time. Why not stop in and check in person... the smells are free!





















We try to keep our prices updated, but prices may change a bit before we get to the website. In the meantime, have a great day and see you soon.